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Why become a member of the Evergreen Orff Chapter? Membership in EOC provides many professional and financial advantages, including: Active and engaging workshops presented by nationally recognized clinicians; Re-energize in a learning community of music educators; Reduced registration fees for EOC and reciprocal Orff chapter workshops; Automatic subscription to the EOC and AOSA newsletters; Opportunity to check out the Orff instrumentarium between workshops; Opportunity to apply for scholarships; Access to the EOC and AOSA professional directories; and FUN!

Clicking the online registration button below will open a new browser window or tab. Please fill-out the membership form, print a copy for your records, then click Submit. Once your membership form has been submitted, your browser will be redirected to the EOC membership payment page for secure online credit card payments through Paypal.

For those who do not wish to register online, please download, complete and mail the registration form below. Completed forms can also be sent via email to: EOC Treasurer. Please note, receipt of payment is non-refundable and must be received with your registration.

Membership Fees:
AOSA and EOC Member - $125 ($85 AOSA, $40 EOC)
EOC Only Member - $40 (AOSA Pre-Paid Membership Required)
AOSA and EOC Retiree - $61 ($56 AOSA, $5 EOC)
EOC Only Retiree - $5 (AOSA Pre-Paid Membership Required)
AOSA and EOC Full-Time Student - $30 ($25 AOSA, $5 EOC)
EOC Only Full-Time Student - $5 (AOSA Pre-Paid Membership Required)

Please contact the EOC Treasurer